Sports Injuries

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Common sporting injuries

Hip and groin injuries
Over or under use of the hip joint is the most frequent cause of pain. Groin muscle (adductor) strains or tears are common in sports where sudden changes of direction are often required.
Treatment varies depending on the nature of the injury, but Physiotherapy will always endeavour to find and treat the root cause, through muscle exercises, manual therapy and strengthening.

Knee injuries
Almost without exception, these injuries occur due to excessive stress upon the knee joint.
Treatment can range from indentification and reduction of these stresses through to comprehensive rehabilitation programmes.

Shin pain
This is a common complaint amongst long distance runners. The term 'shin splints' is often used to describe pain in this area but will not often accurately describe the problem.
The varying causes of front, outer and inner shin pain are usually treated with specific exercises designed to retrain muscle imbalance and other underlying causes of discomfort.

Tennis Elbow / Golfer's Elbow
Pain on the outside of the elbow which affects the tendons and forearm muscles is actually more common in non-tennis / golf players. It usually develops from overuse or altered muscle use, commonly because of an incorrect working posture or environment.
Manual therapy, specific exercises and work station assessment are usual components of treatment.

Thigh injuries
The thigh comprises the powerful hamstring and quadriceps muscle groups as well as important nerve channels. Hamstring injuries are common is players of sports which involve sudden acceleration and sprinting.
Treatment of these injuries can involve stretching exercises to restore flexibilty, postural correction and the correction of muscle reaction.

Problems affecting the nervous system

Sciatica is the main treatable condition encountered by physiotherapists.

Pain, weakness or altered sensation can be experienced in the buttock, hamstring, calf or foot due to irritation of the Sciatic nerve.

Symptoms vary from a mild cramping in the hamstring or calf to a constant shooting pain up and down the lower body.

Sciatica can also be caused by problems with certain joints. A major cause of this condition from the lower back is a herniated disc (or 'slipped disc').

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