Ergonomics & Physiotherapy

More days are lost from back pain than any other work-related injury or illness' (Health & Safety Executive 2005)

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On-site physiotherapy from Coates Physiotherapy

As more and more people spend long hours in the office, it is crucial that the working environment is free from the risk of injury.

An adverse workstation or desk environment can often cause slight changes in posture and muscle control. Similarly, repetitive motions such as clicking a computer mouse or lifting heavy objects can cause stress and even lasting damage to joints and muscle tissue.

Physiotherapy can help to correct these issues, and Coates Physiotherapy can perform on-site checks to prevent injuries from occuring.

"Vanessa's expertise has really helped to make our office a safer and more comfortable environment for my staff, thanks you"

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What does an assessment from Coates Physiotherapy involve?

We will assess every aspect of your working conditions to make sure that any risk areas are identified and steps are taken to correct or reduce potential injury causes.


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